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Daat Elyon is an online center for the study of spiritual wisdom and the practice of contemplative techniques. Daat Elyon is a community of spiritual seekers connected by seminars (webinars), weekly teachings and online interaction. Read more…

Rabbi Yoel Glick

Rabbi Yoel Glick is a teacher of Jewish meditation and spiritual wisdom who has been teaching and guiding seekers on the path for over twenty years. He has taught in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Asia and Europe to audiences of all denominations.

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Weekly Teachings

The weekly teachings guide the readers in using the wisdom and rituals of Judaism as a spiritual path that leads to God knowledge. The teachings are both solidly anchored in the Jewish tradition and fully universal in their vision.

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Online Seminars

Join us for a unique series of seminars that offer a profound and expansive understanding of the nature and workings of the spiritual realm.The seminars combine the study of spiritual wisdom with the practice of meditation.

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In his ground-breaking books, Rabbi Yoel lays out a path for seekers to the higher knowledge of daat elyon. His unique approach incorporates teaching from the Rabbis, Hasidic Masters and the Kabbalah with wisdom from the mystical traditions of other faiths.

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Thought of the Day

Happiness comes not from changing our circumstances but from changing our outlook on our lives and ourselves. True contentment comes from within.

Weekly Teachings

Every Friday a teaching is posted on the site as a subject for study and contemplation during the coming week. Here are the three most recent teachings. To find additional teachings visit the Weekly Teaching Archive.


As the hart pants after the water brooks,

So my soul pants after thee, O God.

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God:

When shall I come and appear before God?

Psalm 42:2-4

The natural state of the soul is an intense longing to return to God. This yearning deepens when the soul awakens to life in this world, where it is so far from the holiness and oneness of its source.

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For God

We all have many requests from God. We have wishes for ourselves and for others. We want aid for an illness, assistance in getting a job, help finding a spouse or having children – the list is endless. We know what we want God to do for us. The question that we have forgotten to ask ourselves is: what are we doing for God? Read more…

The Dynamics of Grace

“Grace is flowing like the ocean, ever full. Everyone draws from it according to his capacity. How can one who brings only a tumbler complain that he is not able to take as much as another who has brought a jar?” – Sri Ramana Maharshi [1]

“The tzaddik comes to the world, goodness comes to the world.” – Yalkut Shimoni

The Hasidic Master, Nachum of Chernobyl, teaches that the tzaddik (or realized soul) is the intermediary that joins this world with the Kingdom of Heaven. The tzaddik is the vehicle through which all of God’s goodness and blessing flow into our physical plane of consciousness.


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