About Daat Elyon

Daat Elyon is an online center for the study of spiritual wisdom and the practice of contemplative techniques. Daat Elyon is a community of spiritual seekers connected by seminars (webinars), weekly teachings and online interaction. Read more…

Rabbi Yoel Glick

Rabbi Yoel Glick is a teacher of Jewish meditation and spiritual wisdom who has been teaching and guiding seekers on the path for over twenty years. He has taught in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Asia and Europe to audiences of all denominations.

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Weekly Teachings

The weekly teachings guide the readers in using the wisdom and rituals of Judaism as a spiritual path that leads to God knowledge. The teachings are both solidly anchored in the Jewish tradition and fully universal in their vision.

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Online Seminars

Join us for a unique series of seminars that offer a profound and expansive understanding of the nature and workings of the spiritual realm.The seminars combine the study of spiritual wisdom with the practice of meditation.

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In his ground-breaking books, Rabbi Yoel lays out a path for seekers to the higher knowledge of daat elyon. His unique approach incorporates teaching from the Rabbis, Hasidic Masters and the Kabbalah with wisdom from the mystical traditions of other faiths.

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Thought of the Day

Love of humanity is an intrinsic part of the true love of God; we cannot love God and hate humanity.

Weekly Teachings

Every Friday a teaching is posted on the site as a subject for study and contemplation during the coming week. Here are the three most recent teachings. To find additional teachings visit the Weekly Teaching Archive.

Preparing for Pesach

The weeks before Pesach are a time of intense physical work, getting our homes ready for the holyday. We turn our house inside out and upside down to seek out and destroy any trace of chametz – leaven and leavened bread. This process is a reflection of an inner process of cleansing that also takes place during this period. Be it through our own conscious efforts, be it through the prodding of the hidden Divine hand, we search through all the corners of our inner self to find the spiritual chametz that is there. Read more…

Devotion: The Love of God

The level of service through love is called by the name of “Yisrael”. That is: yashir El – sing to God – that he gives thanks and praises God with songs and praises with great love and devotion. – Rebbe Elimelech of Lizensk [1]

“An image cannot be impressed on bare glass, but only on glass stained with a black solution, as in photography. The black solution is devotion to God.” – Sri Ramakrishna [2]

Acknowledgements    (↵ returns to text)
  1. Rebbe Elimelech of Lizensk, Likutei Shoshana
  2. ‘M’, the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, as translated by Swmai Nikhilananda,  p. 244

Moment of Destiny

Saint Francis was the son of a wealthy merchant. He had grown up like any other rich man’s son and was known for his magnificent clothes and his extravagant ways. When he became a young man, Francis went to battle as a knight together with other young men of his station. His experience of the horrors of war, however, made an enormous impression upon young Francis. It started an internal process inside him that turned Francis away from the vanities of the world and towards heaven. He abandoned his former frivolous existence and began a life of prayer and contemplation. He spent his time praying in old church ruins and caves. Read more…