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Daat Elyon is an online center for the study of spiritual wisdom and the practice of contemplative techniques. Daat Elyon is a community of spiritual seekers connected by seminars (webinars), weekly teachings and online interaction. Read more…

Rabbi Yoel Glick

Rabbi Yoel Glick is a teacher of Jewish meditation and spiritual wisdom who has been teaching and guiding seekers on the path for over twenty years. He has taught in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Asia and Europe to audiences of all denominations.

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Weekly Teachings

The weekly teachings guide the readers in using the wisdom and rituals of Judaism as a spiritual path that leads to God knowledge. The teachings are both solidly anchored in the Jewish tradition and fully universal in their vision.

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Online Seminars

Join us for a unique series of seminars that offer a profound and expansive understanding of the nature and workings of the spiritual realm.The seminars combine the study of spiritual wisdom with the practice of meditation.

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In his ground-breaking books, Rabbi Yoel lays out a path for seekers to the higher knowledge of daat elyon. His unique approach incorporates teaching from the Rabbis, Hasidic Masters and the Kabbalah with wisdom from the mystical traditions of other faiths.

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Thought of the Day

Freedom lies at the heart of all of existence: the desire to break out of our limitations, to be released from all bondages of body, heart and mind.

Weekly Teachings

Every Friday a teaching is posted on the site as a subject for study and contemplation during the coming week. Here are the three most recent teachings. To find additional teachings visit the Weekly Teaching Archive.

In the Midst of the Sea

“Speak to the Children of Israel that they go forward.” - Exodus 14:15

“He who can forebear, lives. He who cannot, is lost.” - Sri Ramakrishna [1]

There are times in life when we feel closed in on all sides, moments when the way back is cut off, and the path forward is blocked. At such times, all we can do is hold on to God and put one foot in front of the other. Under such circumstances, we need to move forward even when there appears to be nowhere to go.

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  1. Swami Prabhavananda, Eternal Companion, p. 237

Roadmap to Freedom

“The order of the Pesach service is now completed in accordance with all its laws, its ordinances and statues. Just as we were found worthy to perform it [this year], so may we be worthy to do it in the future. O Pure One, Who dwells on high, raise up the congregation which is without number. Soon, and with rejoicing, lead the offshoots of the stock that you have planted, redeemed, to Zion.”

Concluding Prayer of the Seder

The Hasidic Master, Avraham of Slonim, teaches that the order of the Pesach Seder is the order of the whole year. [1] The Seder, which means “order” in Hebrew, provides us with guidelines for our spiritual life. It lays out the roadmap by which we can move from slavery to freedom.

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  1. Avraham of Slonim, Beit Avraham: section on Pesach.

The Transformative Power of Spiritual Love

Love is a most powerful spiritual force. It conquers the heart and mind of an individual in a single moment. Love transforms a sinner into a saint. Love turns grief and sorrow into acceptance and peace.

The Biblical story of Jacob’s reunion with his brother Esau is an example of the great transforming power of Love. As a young man, Jacob had stolen the ancestral blessing from his brother Esau. Afterward, he fled his father’s house in fear and went to his Uncle’s home in Padam Aran. Twenty-one years later, Jacob has gathered together his wife, children and all of his possessions and is starting back home.

While Jacob is on his return journey, messengers come to tell him that his brother Esau is approaching him and his family with four hundred armed men. Esau has never forgiven Jacob for his treachery and is coming to carry out his revenge.

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