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Living the Great Ideas of the Kabbalah

A Journey of Transformation and Empowerment - explore the great ideas of Jewish mysticism and discover how you can implement their teaching in your life.
7 sessions - May 13 – July 8, 2018


Wisdom Webinar One - The Kabbalistic Tree of Life

Join us for this in-depth investigation into the nature of the seven centers or ten sefirot in the Etz haChayim, the Kabbalisitc Tree of Life. 14 sessions - January 8 – April 30, 2017


The webinars are weekly cyberspace encounters with Rabbi Yoel Glick that explore the essential components of the spiritual path. Each session is one hour long and begins with a short meditation that is followed by 45 minutes of teaching, discussion and Q & A.

The webinars strive to awaken the participants’ inner knowledge and guide them in applying that knowledge to their lives. Though based primarily in Jewish mystical teaching, the webinars include wisdom and practices from other religious and esoteric traditions.

Filled with the Knowledge of God

This first series of webinars provides the participants with a profound and expansive understanding of the nature and workings of the spiritual realm. The series is divided into 4 sections of ten series each.

The first section focuses on the sefirot, our body of spiritual centers. The second concentrates on the nature and journey of the soul. The third investigates the makeup and dynamics of the inner realms. The last section explores how we bring the power of the Kingdom of Heaven into our world.

Kol Demama Daka – The Still Small Voice

In the Book of Kings, the prophet Elijah enters into a secluded cave on Mount Sinai and begins to meditate. It does not take long for his inner reality to come alive. First, a howling wind blows through the cave, next, an earthquake shakes the ground all around him, and then a fire breaks out and rushes in all directions. The Bible tells us, however, that God was not in the wind or the earthquake or the raging fire, but in the “still, small voice” that came afterward…

At the core of our being is a place of stillness and silence where the Divine Presence dwells. During this webinar series, we will learn how to tap into that inner space and actualize its infinite power using the five principle meditation techniques of stilling the mind, visualization, concentration, mantra chanting and contemplation.

The Three Pillars of a Jewish Spiritual Life

In the Torah, God commands Israel: “Make me a sanctuary and I shall dwell in your midst.” The Baal Shem teaches that the Torah is commanding each of us to transform ourselves into temple for the Divine Presence. The rabbis set out the three pillars of this inner temple in Pirkei Avot, the Ethics of the Fathers: Torah, Avodah and Gimilut Hasadim (Torah study, Worship, and Acts of Loving-kindness).

These three pillars correspond to the three Yogas of Hinduism: Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, and Karma yoga. In the language of modern spiritual teaching, they can be expressed as the expansion of our consciousness, the constant remembrance of God, and the inner work of self-transformation.

During this webinar series, we will discover how to use each of these three paths to build a sacred space inside of us where the Divine Presence can dwell. We will explore how the study of spiritual wisdom is used to expand our consciousness, how daily worship, meditation and prayer vitalizes our awareness of God, and how self-understanding combined with selfless service transforms us into effective instruments of God.