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January 19, 2019

Rooted in the Ground of Being: Tu B’Shvat: The New Year for Trees

  The most difficult thing in the world is to just be - to stop planning, scheming, and doing and just be. Yet, there is nothing more powerful than a…
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January 11, 2019

The Middle Path

After six years of severe asceticism, the Buddha came to the realization that neither the path of sensual pleasure, nor the path of intense bodily deprivation will free one from…
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Life of Service
December 28, 2018

Without Reward

The Ethics of the Fathers 1:3 declares: “Do not be like servants who serve their master for the sake of receiving a reward, but rather be like servants who serve…
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December 20, 2018

Mitzvah: Spiritual Glue

"When she came into the room, she picked up a little plastic toy duck that must have belonged to her grandchild and took it over to a plastic basin on…
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Spiritual Wisdom
December 14, 2018

Our Natural State

When people would come to Ramana Maharshi and ask him how they could reach Self-realization, he would answer them by saying that self-realization is not something to be reached or…
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December 7, 2018

Eight:The Number of Completion

Eight is the number of completion. It is the number of infinity, of reaching beyond ourselves to touch the Absolute. (more…)
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November 30, 2018

Hanukkah: Dispel the Darkness

Rebbe Natan of Nemirov teaches that on the holyday Hanukkah we receive the light of the Beit Hamikdash or Temple. The Beit Hamikdash is the place where we can access…
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Universal Vision
November 22, 2018

Sensitivity to Life

There used to be an almond tree to the north of Bhagavan’s hall. Chinnaswami (the ashram manager) asked a workman to clear it of dead leaves, which would later be…
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Meditation and Prayer
November 16, 2018


“What is the purpose of spiritual disciplines? To develop free will. The more one strengthens one’s willpower, the more one moves toward God. The Master used to say, ‘Awaken your…
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