4 Seminars for a total of 32 SESSIONS

Session I: Introduction: Awakening the Higher Knowledge – Daat Elyon
The Kabbalah speaks of two types of knowledge: daat elyon, the higher knowledge, and daat tachton, the lower knowledge. The lower daat relates to intellectual ideas, facts, and figures. The higher daat is a direct experience where we merge with the object of our investigation, and comprehend its true nature as it exists in the Mind of God. How do we awaken the higher knowledge? How do we tap into the intuitive power of daat elyon?

Session II: Fundamentals: The Garden of Eden and the Breaking of the Vessels
What is the essence of a human being? Why are we here in this world? These are the key questions which any serious seeker asks himself or herself. The Jewish tradition explores these questions using the events described in the Biblical story of the Garden of Eden and the story of the creation of the universe as described in the teachings of the sixteenth century Kabbalist, Rabbi Isaac Luria (known as the Ari).

Session III: A Foundation of the centers
What is a sephirah, chakra or spiritual center? How is formed? What is its purpose? How do we develop our body of centers or sephirot?

Session IV: The Three Channels of Energy and the Effects on the Physical Body
There are three channels of spiritual energy in the Tree of Life. What is the nature of each of the spiritual pathways? What is the purpose of each? What is the relationship between them? How do we develop them in such a way that is conducive to balanced spiritual growth?

The Centers: An Elaboration
The next two sessions will be an in-depth investigation into the nature of each of the seven centers or ten sephirot. We will explore the qualities of each sephirah and its relationship to the other centers. We will also examine the dynamics of each of the sephirot and their development and evolution.
Session V: The Three Lower Centers
a. Malchut – Kingship: The Center at the Base of the Spine
b. Yesod – Foundation: The Sacral Center
c. Netzach/Hod – Eternity/Splendor: The Solar Plexus Center

Session VI: The Three Higher Centers
d. Tiferet –Beauty: The Heart Center
e. Hesed/Gevurah – Mercy/Power: The Throat Center
f. Hochmah/Binah – Wisdom/Understanding: The Third Eye

Session VII: The Crown
g. Keter – Crown: The Crown Center
h. Daat (Knowledge): The Hidden Center
i. Summation



Session I: The Nature of the Soul

This session investigates the five components parts that make up the essential nature of the soul: nefesh, ruach, neshama, chaya and yechidah.

Session II: Spiritual Family

This session explores the relationship between the individual personality and his spiritual source in the higher worlds.

a. Our spiritual family
b. Our spiritual family and our Earth Life
c. Spiritual Contacts

Session III: Man’s Bodies of Manifestation

This session looks at the four bodies of a human being in incarnation – the physical, astral, mental bodies, plus the body of spiritual centers, as well as the tzelem – the body of the soul. The bodies are investigated from a Jewish, Hindu and esoteric perspective.

Incarnation and Evolution in the Human Kingdom

The next two sessions explore the nature of Gilgul or incarnation and the mechanisms that define and regulate the process of rebirth.

Session IV: 

a. Gilgul (Reincarnation)
b. Law of Karma
c. Different Levels of Karma

Session V: 
a. The Choice to Incarnate
b. Astral Body: The Vehicle Between Worlds
c. Misconceptions

Key Factors in Spiritual Evolution

The next three sessions investigate the major factors that influence the process of spiritual evolution.

Session VI: The Law of Spiritual Reciprocity

There is a constant give and take between the different levels of existence. This exchange of energy and consciousness forms the basis for all spiritual interaction.

Session VII: The Spiral of Purification and Holiness

Our spiritual evolution does not follow a straight linear trajectory. Nor is our life locked in endless circles of cause and effect. Our spiritual growth is a spiral of continual purification and holiness that leads us toward union with our soul.

Session VIII: Free Will

Free will is the central characteristic that defines a human being. It is by exercising our free will that we evolve and grow. Our understanding of free will and the parameters of its functioning take on a different complexion at each stage of our spiritual evolution.

Session IX: The Soul of Israel
a. The Dynamics of the Formation of Larger Group Souls
b. Knesset Yisrael: The Soul of Israel


Session One: The Organization of the Heavens I

The Body of God

Session Two: The Organization of the Heavens II
The Partsufim or Divine Countenances

The Body of Earth

Session Three: The Organization of the Heavens III

a.The Beard of God: The Great Compassion of Arich Anpin and Zeir Anpin

b. Divine Grace

c. The Mind of God

Session Four: The Organization of the Heavens IV

The Universe of Tikkun
i. The Divine Scales
ii. The Structure of the Universe of Tikkun
iii. The Nature of the Four Realms

Session Five: The Angelic Kingdom

a. The Keepers of Form
b. The Work of the Angelic Kingdom
c. The Angelic Kingdom and Humanity

Session Six: Incarnation and Evolution in the Divine Kingdom

a. Divine Perfection
b. Creation
c. Beyond Our World

Fundamental Forces

Session VII: The Breath of God

Session VIII: The World Crises and the Evolution of the Lord of the World

Session IX: Fire and Water: Two Paths of Purification


Session One: The Shechinah I
a. The Shechinah Energy
b. The Nature of the Shechinah
c. The Soul of the Shechinah

Session Two: The Shechinah II
d. The Shechinah in Ancient Israel
e. The Mystical Tradition

Session Three: The Mishkan – Tabernacle

Session Four: The Divine Thoughtform

Session Five: The Messianic Soul

a. The Soul of the Messiah
b. The Characteristics of the Messiah and His Coming
c. The One Who Comes

Session Six: The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth 

Life in this world after the Divine Presence has been revealed upon Earth.

Session Seven: Filled with the Knowledge of God

A Summation of the Worldview set out in the 32 sessions of the Wisdom Webinars.