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Upcoming Events

Los Angeles


November 1-2

Contemplative Shabbaton

Valley Beth Sholom Los Angeles

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Scholar in Residence

November 15-17

Ruach HaShabbat – The Spirit of Shabbat

West Suburban Temple Har Zion 1040 North Harlem Ave., Riverforest, Illinois

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Meditation Retreat

Sunday, November 24, 9am – 5pm

Communing with the Divine

A Meditation Retreat with Rabbi Yoel Glick and Michelle Katz

Tashina Retreats in the Caledonian Hills

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Rabbi Glick is an experienced leader of many types of events: public talks, dialogues, workshops, Shabbatons and retreats.

Talks and dialogues last from one to one and a half hours, including time for Q & A and/or a short meditation.

Workshops are focused on practice and last two and a half to three hours. Shabbatons include both teaching and meditation with events on Friday night, Shabbat morning, Saturday afternoon/evening or Sunday morning. Retreats run from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon and include multiple meditations each day, daily talks and Q and A sessions, and time for private one-on-one meetings.

Below are samples of some of the talks and workshops he has given.

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(A) Meditation Events

Building a Jewish Meditation Practice
At the center of the contemplative life is our daily practice. In this workshop, we will explore the five categories of meditation techniques: stilling the mind, visualization, concentration, mantra chanting and contemplation.

The Art of Expanding Our Inner Awareness
The heart of the meditation process is the expansion of our awareness. Meditation lifts us from the finite to the Infinite, from the temporal to the Eternal.

The Role of Meditation in a Jewish Spiritual Life
This workshop explores how we use meditation to deepen the traditional prayers and rituals and develop a personal relationship with God.

Living the Life of Jewish Meditation
Meditation is more than just a daily spiritual practice; it is a whole way of life that unfolds in five stages: preparation, intention, forging a connection, holding the link, and merging with our spiritual source.

Awakening the Divine Within Us
In this workshop, we will learn how to awaken our innate divinity and get in touch with our true self.

(B) Kabbalah Events

Walking the Path of the Jewish Mystic
This session explores how we use the seminal teachings of the Kabbalistic tradition to deepen our self-knowledge and live our lives with greater meaning and awareness.

Kabbalah, Meditation and the Nature of Consciousness
This session outlines the Kabbalistic understanding of the nature of the mind and the processes that take place during meditation as expressed in the Ari’s teachings on the evolution of the soul and the structure of the Cosmos.

Kabbalah: Roadmap to Inner Experience
Kabbalah is an experience-based teaching that guides seekers on the path, with each area of study – sefirot, the soul, the olamot and the partzufim – providing another dimension of the knowledge needed on our journey.

Our Selves, our Souls and our World
This talk discusses how we connect our daily life and our individual evolution with the evolution of the Jewish people, the whole of humanity and the greater Cosmos.

Yoga, Kabbalah and the Biblical Prophets
This talk delves into the inner life and training of the Biblical prophets using the teaching of Kabbalah and Yoga as our guides.

Kabbalistic Understanding of the Human Condition and our Place in the Cosmos
This talk investigates the mystical truths that underlie the human condition and the larger spiritual reality that infuses our existence with meaning, hope and purpose.

Past Events

IJS Online Webinar

Sunday, February 19, 6pm Paris time

Institute of Jewish Spirituality presents:

Reshet: Jewish Meditation Group Network

Webinar series with Rabbi Yoel Glick

A Yogic/Kabbalistic Approach to Meditation and Spiritual Practice
cost: free – open to all
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for any questions contact: Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell:


Sunday, October 9, 7pm

Meditation Workshop: Building a Jewish Meditation Practice

Sderot Herzl 60, Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem, top floor
Contact: Chana Rachel Frumin at / 054-479-9441


Saturday, November 12, 7:30 – 10pm

A Contemplative Havdalah

Makom: Creative Downtown Judaism
402 College St., Toronto


Sunday, November 13, 10am – 4pm

Day-Long Meditation Retreat with Michelle Katz

Tashina Retreats in the Caledon Hills
Contact: Michelle Katz at


Wednesday, November 16, 7pm

Meditation Workshop

West Suburban Temple Har Zion
1040 N Harlem Ave
River Forest, IL

Nassau, Bahamas

Nov. 21-25

Giving Thanks with the Mystics

Sivananda Ashram and Yoga Retreat Center
Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

Rabbi Yoel will be giving a series of talks and workshops as part of the inter-spirtuality symposium at Sivananda Ashram next Thanksgiving. Come and join him for what should be a wonderful five days of yoga, meditation and learning.


Monday, November 28, 7pm

Meditation Workshop: Entering into the Stillness and the Silence

Congregation Nevei Kodesh
1925 Glenwood Dr.

Santa Fe

Thursday, December 1, 7pm

Public Talk: Ourselves, our Souls and Our World

107 W Barcelona Rd, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Los Angeles

Shabbat, December 2-3

Scholar in Residence

Congregation Shomrei Torah
7353 Valley Cir Blvd, West Hills

San Francisco

Sunday, December 4, 7pm

Public Talk: Walking the Path of the Jewish Mystic

Pennisula JCC
800 Foster City Blvd, Foster City

Washington D.C.

Tuesday, December 6, 7:30pm

Meditation Workshop: Awakening the Divine Within Us

Addas Israel: Jewish Mindfulness Center of Washington
2850 Quebec Street NW