Walking the Path of the Jewish Mystic

by Rabbi Yoel Glick

An innovative handbook to the world of the Jewish mystics that opens a window onto another reality.

Rabbi Glick uses the secret traditions of Judaism and other faiths to show you how to deepen your self-knowledge and live life with greater meaning and purpose.

Combining textual knowledge with experiential Insights, he explores:

  •  How to harness, as individuals and as a collective, the power and inspiration of the spiritual realm and bring it into our world
  • The composition, development and evolution of the soul
  • The organization of the supernal worlds and the dynamic forces that underlie its structure
  • The nature and purpose of the body of sefirot and chakras—the kabbalistic tree of life

This book is for everyone searching to widen their horizons – Jews and non-Jews, longtime students or novices on the path. It is for all those who yearn to deepen their understanding and become connected to their own soul.

 “Powerful…. A profound discussion of the truths that underlie the human condition. A wonderful book that you will return to again and again.”

– Nan Fink Gefen, PhD, author, Discovering Jewish Meditation


“This book is to be treasured, placed on one’s nightstand to be read frequently for spiritual elevation. Not only does this book transmit deep Kabbalistic teachings, the reading of the book itself places the reader in a wonderful meditative state.”

– Melinda Ribner, author, The Secret Legacy of Biblical Women and New Age Judaism


“A uniquely valuable spiritual resource that masterfully interweaves Kabbalistic teachings with esoteric wisdom from other traditions…. A profoundly rich and evocative guide for the expansion of individual consciousness, as well as for the spiritual evolution of humanity as a whole.”

– Dr. Yehezkel Landau, director, Building Abrahamic Partnerships; associate professor of interfaith relations, Hartford Seminary


“Opens the door to a world that is inaccessible for most people…. Makes personal transformation attainable to the one who is ready to do the work…. A gift to the soul and the mind.”

– Rabbi Marcelo Bronstein, Congregation B’nai Jeshurun, New York City


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Living the Life of Jewish Meditation

by Rabbi Yoel Glick

Meditation empowers us to transcend our material mind-set and touch the Infinite and Eternal.

Living the Life of Jewish Meditation is a comprehensive guide to meditation as a way of life that draws on the knowledge of the East to vitalize and illuminate traditional Jewish practices in whole new ways. The book looks at the different stages of meditation, providing guidelines and techniques for each phase, and offers in-depth analysis of the inner processes that occur during meditation. Accessible, practical and wise, it will answer your vital questions about Jewish meditation practice, regardless of your level of meditation experience.

Combining textual knowledge with experiential insights and understanding, it examines:

  • The fundamentals of daily practice—preparation, intention and forging a connection
  • The main categories of meditation technique—stilling the mind, visualization, concentration, mantra and contemplation
  • Establishing a practice—how you transform your meditation from a half hour practice into a whole way of life – a consciousness that infuses your entire existence
  • The broader issues related to meditation—the personal and impersonal approach to God, the inner dynamics of meditation, the dangers of psychic powers and phenomena, the advantages and disadvantages of individual versus group practice, and the relationship between personal and collective evolution

With nineteen different meditations for you to put into practice, this novel and complete approach to daily meditation offers you a spiritual path to a personal encounter with your divine self.

“Rabbi Yoel Glick opens doors in our soul that connect us to the power and beauty of the Jewish tradition and the wider expanses and all-embracing love of a universal vision. ”

– Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi


“Rabbi Glick has created a masterpiece of bold erudition and passion that is both beautiful and comprehensive.”

– Rabbi Shefa Gold, author of The Magic of Hebrew Chant: Healing the Spirit, Transforming the Mind, Deepening Love, published by Jewish Lights


“How fortunate are we to have such a gentle, well-versed and compelling guide.”

– Rabbi Jonathan P. Slater, Co-Director of Programs – Institute for Jewish Spirituality


“I recommend this gem of a book to readers of every religious background.”

– Dr. Maria Reis Habito, Zen Teacher at the Maria Kannon Zen-Center in Dallas – International Program Director of the Taipei Museum of World Religions


“This is the best book I know of about meditation – Jewish or otherwise.”

– Yossi Klein Halevi, senior fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute, author, Like Dreamers


“It is miraculous how the vastness of the Divine Wisdom can be funneled into “light-bites” digestible to all. Rabbi Glick is such a Miracle-Maker!”

– ”Reb Mimi Feigelson, Mashgiach Ruchani, Zeigler Rabbinical School


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Seeking The Divine Presence

by Rabbi Yoel Glick

In this ground-breaking book, Rabbi Glick shows us how to use the teachings and practices of Judaism as a spiritual path that leads to God knowledge.

Rabbi Glick’s teachings combine the wisdom of the Kabbalah, Hasidic Masters, and the Rabbis with the knowledge of the mystical and esoteric traditions of other faiths. His unique approach provides a path that is both solidly anchored in the Jewish tradition and fully universal in its vision and understanding of the spiritual life.

This first of two volumes sets out the fundamental elements of the personal approach to God: self-transformation, the constant remembrance of God, and the expansion of our consciousness. These three concepts are the spiritual pillars that form the foundation for the inner temple of the heart.

 “Rabbi Yoel Glick writes from experience and bridges worlds of expertise of connecting with God. The fusion of Hasidic — kabbalistic knowhow with the teachings of the East will become a welcome helper to people who feel torn between these two traditions. Reading him will focus the serious practitioner and potentiate his practice.”

– Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi


“There is nothing quite like this book in all of Jewish devotional literature. Rabbi Yoel Glick is pointing the way toward the future with a Judaism that is faithful to its spiritual roots while seeking its place in the emerging universal consciousness. This book presents the spiritual framework for Jewish seekers who want to place the quest for the living God at the center of their Judaism.”

– Yossi Klein Halevi, author, At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden: A Jew’s Search for God with Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land


“Rabbi Yoel has created a profound entry for seekers into the spiritual life. He welcomes all into the tent of his spiritual vision. Outlining a life of the spirit through themes and practical action, as well as exercises to help us restructure our way of thinking toward a happier, more unified perception of life, this book is a blessed addition to modern spiritual literature. I loved it and recommend it to everyone.”

– Rabbi Avram Davis, author of Meditation from the Heart of Judaism


“Seeking the Divine Presence reveals the common cry of all seekers of God in this world. Resonating with the voice of the Eternal, this work shows how mystics of all religions express the same truth in different languages, and how people can enjoy peace, bliss, and harmony by practicing true religion… true spiritual therapy for this cynical age.”

– Swami Chetanananda, a monk of the Ramakrishna Order and minister of Vedanta Society of St. Louis, USA


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