[hr]  Learning with Yoel has been a gift. Few are so sincere in commitment and belief, so immersed in the wisdom of tradition, and so present-of-mind. Yoel is a teacher, mentor and a model for the kind of rabbi and living Jew that our generation so urgently needs. Rabbi Yoel Glick is the genuine article.
– Rabbi Yael Elisheva Saidoff – Los Angeles, USA

I have been a student of Rabbi Yoel Glick for many years. His teachings are truly inspiring. They have deepened my relationship with God and enriched my life as a committed Jew living with a sense of purpose. I highly recommend taking advantage of this great man’s “words” on your path to a meaningful existence.
– Dr. Norman Enteen – educational psychologist – Mevaseret Tzion, Israel

 Rabbi Yoel is an outstanding teacher who ties together universal themes with the most profound meaning of Judaism. He has brought me closer to God through his clarity, sensitivity, knowledge, and most of all, his loving heart for humanity.My life has changed in so many ways since I was introduced to Rabbi Yoel Glick and he has been a blessing to me ever since.
– Cantor Beny Maissner – Toronto, Canada

Yoel Glick is a spiritual teacher and writer par excellence. His knowledgeable compilation of teachings is profoundly meaningful and engaging for those seeking wisdom from a variety of ancient spiritual traditions. His insights into meditation and a life of spiritual practice are an authentic and practical guide for the serious modern seeker. May we be privileged to receive Yoel’s inspiring words and his deep and sincere love of God.
– Michelle Katz – yoga and meditation teacher – Toronto, Canada

 Yoel has a deep connection to G-d which manifests into his ability to mentor so many people with genuine love. His weekly writings have been an inspiration to so many of us.
– Judy Enteen – yoga teacher – Mevaseret Tzion, Israel

 When a Hindu soul and a Jewish soul transcend their differences and meet in the Groundless Ground of Being the result is superb teachings that have the potential to bring out the Divine nature in which one of us. Meeting Reb Yoel in person and experiencing his authentic joy of Jewishing has been healing and inspiring.
– Rabbi Ori Har – Boulder Colorado

 Sometimes in life, one has the honor and the opportunity to study with a great teacher such as Rabbi Yoel Glick. Rabbi Yoel lives a life devoted to the service of God. Through his insightful and practical guidance, one can discover a life of greater meaning and purpose. Rabbi Yoel’s teachings are deep and wise, harmoniously bringing together the spiritual traditions of the East and West.
– Dvora Mizrahi – therapist – Tel Aviv, Israel

The range and diversity of the teachings that Yoel Glick has written are at once extraordinary and yet very practical. Each weekly teaching explores in depth a core spiritual principle which offers the student a window into higher levels of understanding. At the same time, each teaching provides the student with motivational tools for the application of that principle which then become the foundation from which progress is made in the individual spiritual journey.
Practically speaking, reading each teaching multiple times allows you to grasp its full meaning. I usually read it the first time online, a second time before mediation and then after a group mediation. Subsequently I have found that the core concepts stay with me from week to week, providing me with focus, inspiration and encouragement as I go through my hectic daily life.
– Sharon Laufer -Administrative Director, Israel Department North American Programs, Shalom Hartman Institute – Jerusalem, Israel