Psalm 104:24 declares: ”You have created them all with wisdom.”  Wisdom reaches to the heart of the Creation. It evokes the Divine idea that has formed this world and applies its pattern to life’s circumstances. Wisdom implies a fundamental insight into the nature of existence, a glimpse into the eternal purpose and plan.

The Baal Shem taught that wisdom comes like a flash of lightning. Just as lightning lights up the whole sky for a moment, so in one moment of spiritual insight, God illuminates our soul to understand His/Her greatness and wonders. [1] Through this experience we realize that all our actions, those we do as individuals as well as the actions of the world at large, all come from God. We recognize that whatever we do is part of the greater movement of all of existence. It is part of the Divine evolution that is bringing all life to perfection.

This flash of revelation guides us forward through the trials and challenges of life. It imbues us with insight into the place of others in the Divine scheme. It enables us to comprehend the mechanisms that animate all people and deepens our appreciation of human frailties and human aspirations. The light of our higher intuition reveals to us the hearts of others, so that we understand what is hidden in their deepest core.

This is similar to the definition of wisdom in the Bhagavad Gita Ch. 4:30 as “skill in action”. Skill in action is knowing how to set energy in motion in such a way that the harmony of life is maintained, while an inner process is carried forward. It is the ability to look at a situation and see what imbalance is there, and to recognize what impulse will set things right.

A wise solution is an elegant solution; it has a special beauty to its unfolding. It seems to make a perfect fit between need and its fulfillment. It provides both resolution and insight. This is genuine skill in action.

Rebbe Yitzchak of Berditchev teaches that true wisdom radiates into our hearts. This is the meaning of the thirty-two paths of wisdom. Wisdom is more than intellectual knowledge, it is an integral part of our being. Wisdom becomes indelibly engraved in the pathways of our heart. When knowledge is impressed upon our heart, it enters into the center of our being and illuminates it with light. It remains there to strengthen and inspire us whenever we are in need. [2]

Wisdom is the integration of our understanding with the healing, nurturing power of love. It brings God into our intellectual calculations. Wisdom is the link between our physical brain and the universal mind of God.

The search for wisdom has always inspired the minds of humanity. All through the Ages, individual men and women have striven to discover the answers to the great questions of life. To seek wisdom is more than a quest to gain knowledge. It is a journey into the mysteries of the spiritual realm, where we delve into the very core of our soul.

The Hebrew word for wisdom, chokhmah can be broken into two words: Koach Mah, the power of nothingness. According to the Hasidic Master, Dov Baer of Mezeritch, this means that wisdom touches a place beyond understanding, beyond physical awareness. It is that place where thought begins, where it touches on the infinite and eternal, the Ein Sof. [3] Wisdom is a direct path to God.

When we delve into spiritual wisdom, we touch on the essential pattern of reality. We are following a pathway in the mind of God. This pathway transports us out of this physical awareness into the consciousness of higher planes. Wisdom is a location in the spiritual realms; it is a chamber in the house of God. Once we enter this chamber, we then pass into the interior of the mansion and greet the Heavenly Sovereign.


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