A 7 Step Guide to the Shabbat Prayers

In the core of our being there is a hidden jewel; a diamond of infinite brilliance. This diamond is the light of God that shines within each of us. It holds the essence of who we are. It contains within it the power of Divine Livingness that pervades the whole of the universe.

For most of us, the light of this diamond is veiled by layers of desire and materiality. It is covered over by the endless thoughts and emotions that overwhelm our heart and race through our mind. As we go about our daily lives, spiritual debris builds up around our diamond. By the time we reach Friday evening, there is an impassable wall between our inner diamond and us.

God, in His/Her great mercy, has given us a way to break down this spiritual barrier through the gift of the Shabbat. Shabbat is an opportunity to reconnect with the diamond within us, to peel away the layers that separate us from our true Self.

The central tool that God has given us to facilitate this process is the Shabbat prayers. These prayers guide us through a process of awareness and awakening that realigns us with the power of the Divine jewel within us. These prayers first clear away the dirt that covers our diamond; then they polish the diamond until it shines with glorious radiance.

The Shabbat morning prayers take us on a seven step journey of self-discovery. They awaken the sublime happiness which is the natural state of the soul. They lead us to a “place” of inner resonance and harmony. These potent prayers transform us into living beacons of spiritual light.

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