a. The revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven upon Earth will be a gradually unfolding process.
b. Great changes will start to occur when there is a breakthrough between the planes.
c. When this breakthrough occurs, the reality of God will become an established fact, and the Kingdom of Heaven will be a verifiable reality.
d. Our whole relationship with God will then completely change and our higher senses will become active and alive.

a. Discoveries in the different fields of science will play an important part in the revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven upon Earth.
b. The scientists will be able to measure and verify the existence of energies.
c. They will be able to scientifically verify the existence of other planes of consciousness.
d. These discoveries will lead to many changes in the way that science is practiced and that scientists are trained.

a. At the heart of the revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven upon Earth is a transformation in human consciousness.
b. Some people will experience this transformation in consciousness, and embrace its expansive vision.
c. Other people who will remain skeptical of the revelations, and reject the new ideas that it points toward.
d. As the individuals who accept the new vision implement its teachings in their lives, a new way of life will begin to unfold on our planet.
e. This way of life will be based on the recognition of the oneness of all of existence and the sacredness of all life.
f. This new awareness will lead to an era of peace and harmony across the globe.

a. These changes in human consciousness and living will occur as part of a larger process of spiritual transformation taking place in the Wider Reality in which we live.
b. The revelation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will mark a new stage in the evolution of Atik Yamin, the Lord of the World.
c. This new stage will affect every level of life on the planet.
d. Ultimately, it will completely transform the very nature of life in our world.