Four Stages of Manifestation

The Lurianic model of the four worlds can also be understood as four stages
in the manifestation of a Divine Thoughtform in the world.

I. Atzilut

a. The Divine Thoughtform is born when Atik Yamin, the Lord of the World, receives the impression of the Will of God in the Absolute from on High.
b. Atik Yamin, the Ancient of Days, is thereby drawn inward in deep contemplation.
c. As He contemplates, the energies needed to create the Divine Thoughtform are gathered together.

II. Briah

a. The contemplation of Atik Yamin arouses Arich Anpin, the Greater Countenance, into activity.
b. The Divine Will now takes shape in a thoughtform composed of pure consciousness.
c. The energies of the Higher Mind and the lower mind are used to develop and enhance the power of the Divine Thoughtform.

III. Yetzirah

a. As the work enters its next stage, the Great Being called Zeir Anpin, the Lesser Countenance, becomes vitalized.
b. He oversees the conversion of the Divine Thoughtform into a concrete Plan in words and ideas.
c. The souls who do the work of creating the Divine Plan, gaze out over multitude of possibilities that will form the future, and then set out a Plan that will bring God’s purpose to fruition.

IV. Asiyah

a. In Asiyah, the Divine Thoughtform starts to become manifest in physical reality.
b. There are three groups who are involved in this work.
c. The individuals who work in prayer and meditation, drawing forth the energies needed to manifest the Divine Thoughtform.
d. The individuals who strive to receive the inspiration of the Divine Ideas which embody the consciousness of the Divine Thoughtform.
e. The individuals who labor to implement the ideas and ideals of the Divine Thoughtform in the lives of humanity.

V. Shechinah

a. The Shechinah is active during all of the four stages of manifestation.
b. She vitalizes the work with Her creative energy.
c. She binds together all of the workers on the different planes of Earth.