I. The Temple Organization

a. The Shechinah played a central role in the religion of Israel in ancient times.
b. The entire structure and ritual of the Temple were designed to harness the Shechinah energy.
c. An entire section of the people was separated out from the rest of Israel and consecrated as priests, who were then instructed how to work with and protect the Shechinah energy.
d. Due to the enormous power of the Shechinah, a great deal of effort was invested in trying to protect the energy from misuse.
e. On the physical level, the Temple area was divided into a number of different courts, with access being increasingly limited as one entered deeper into the inner domain.
f. This intricate system of rising levels of sanctity was created not only to protect the energy, but also to protect the priests who wielded it.

II. The Effect of the Shechinah.

a. The power of the Shechinah poured out on anyone who came to visit the Temple.
b. The energy of the Shechinah radiated from the Temple across the entire country and out into the world beyond.
c. It was the Shechinah energy that enabled the prophets to prophesize and to perform their many miracles.
d. The development of the Shechinah energy was a science that was learned in the School of the Prophets.