I. The Soul of the Shechinah
a. The Shechinah is not just an energy; it is also a soul in the Kingdom of Heaven.
b. The spiritual task of those individuals who belong to this soul is to act as carriers for the Shechinah energy.
c. There are many different levels to the Soul of the Shechinah. The part of the soul that incarnates will determine the extent and nature of Her power.
d. When someone from this soul raises the Shechinah energy to the crown, the tremendous force of the Shechinah is joined to the Will of God.

II. The Shechinah and the Mystical Tradition
a. In the mystical teachings, the Shechinah energy is bound to the feminine in its very essence.
b. The Shechinah plays a central role in the devotions and prayers of the Kabbalistic and Hasidic traditions.
c. The Shechinah has a special link with the Sabbath, which is embodied in the prayer Lecha Dodi – Come my Beloved – which is recited Friday night.
d. Lecha Dodi contains three images of the Shechinah: the Divine Bride, the Sanctuary of the King, and the Beloved in Exile. These three images reflect Her three central states of Being.
e. The relationship between God and Israel is closely tied to the condition of the Shechinah. We are intimately linked with the feminine aspect of God.