a. The Angelic Kingdom is a vast and powerful dominion that encompasses all the varied life forms in the universe that are not part of the human kingdom.
b. The Angelic Kingdom is responsible for the form side of life.
c. Every created thing is alive and “ensouled” within the Angelic Kingdom.


a. The Angelic Kingdom oversees the evolution of all of nature.
b. The Natural kingdom experiences life as part of a larger group consciousness that is overseen by a more advanced Angelic Being.
c. The minds of those in the Angelic Kingdom work in a completely different manner than our own.


a. There is a great deal of knowledge regarding the Angelic Kingdom within the Jewish tradition.
b. In the Torah, angels are wielders of power. They are guardians and protectors, beings who each embody awesome spiritual force.
c. The Rabbinic sources amplify upon the Biblical stories about angels. They personalize the angels for us, and explain their character and different roles.
d. The Kabbalah is filled with teaching about this kingdom.
The Kabbalistic texts describe a whole variety of different angelic beings called ruchot, chayot, seraphim, ophanim, malachim and galgalim that inhabit and work in the higher worlds.



a. The angels provide all of the workers and builders that are needed in the grand labor of creation.
b. On each level of life – mineral, plant, animal and human – the Angelic Kingdom oversees the work of converting the images in the Divine Mind into a material form.

a. In ancient times, humanity‘s life was more closely linked to nature, and there was greater awareness of, and understanding about, this realm.
b. Human folklore and mythology are filled with tales that express this closer relationship.
c. In the past century, there have been numerous groups who have attempted to restore this close relationship between the two kingdoms.
d. New areas of both spiritual and scientific exploration are emerging out of these unique contacts.

a. We receive the blessing of the Angelic Kingdom whenever we go into nature.
b. This is the reason many spiritual seekers are drawn to the great outdoors.
c. There is less of an impediment to the flow of etheric energy in a natural setting.
d. The energy is purer and more concentrated.

a. The Angelic Kingdom functions according to a different logic and another law.
b. This kingdom needs to be approached with humility and caution.
c. The lives of this domain should never be willfully manipulated.
d. Our relationship with the Angelic Kingdom needs to always be based on love.