1. Adam Kadmon: Primordial Man
a. In the beginning of the creation process, God sent an or yashar – a direct ray of light from the essence of His Being into the primordial vacuum.
b. This light created the first form of life in the universe, called Adam Kadmon – Primordial Man.
c. Light emanated out from the Countenance of Adam Kadmon to create the worlds of Taamim, Akudim and Nekudot.

2. Shevirat Hakalim: The Breaking of the Vessels
a. The fragile vessel of the finite world, however, could not contain the tremendous light of the Infinite and a great shattering took place.
b. This created a universe where sparks of Divine light, netzuzot, were fused together with shards of concrete matter, klipot or shells.
c. As a result of this shattering, everything in the universe was in a state of essential brokenness.

3. The Universe of Tikkun or Repair
a. After this Cosmic shattering, God transformed the universe so that a process of tikkun or repair could take place.
b. The focus of this work was the restoration of balance and harmony to the Universe.
c. The key to this process was the concept of Metaklah or Supernal Scales.
d. This balance and harmony was embodied in the Partzufim or Divine Countenances.
e. The idea of tikkun is fundamental to the worldview of Judaism. We believe that the world can be uplifted and redeemed.
f. Our task in life is to be the instruments of this Divine work of service.


II.  Structure of the Universe of Tikkun
1. This universe of tikkun is divided into four major realms.
a. The realm of Atzilut or Emanation,
b. The realm of Briah or Creation,
c. The realm of Yetsirah of Formation,
d. The realm of Asiyah or Making.
a. Atzilut (Emanation) is the realm of pure energies.
b. Briah (Creation) is the realm of thought, the plane of the mind.
c. Yetsirah (Formation) is the realm of the emotions.
d. Asiyah (Making) is the realm of the concrete.


a. We can think of the four realms as four Great Planes, one higher or more refined than the other.
b. Or we can think of the four realms as four different mode of interacting with reality.