I. There is a great Divine Being Who overshadows the whole of the organization of the planes of Earth. In the Kabbalah, he is called Atik Yamin, the Ancient of Days.

II. When we look at the spiritual body of Earth we can discern a number of major centers of life and activity.
a. These centers form the equivalent of the body of centers or sephirot in a human being.
b. These centers are focused on the different planes of Earth existence.

III. As in any body, the central organs of life are the brain and the heart.
a. In the Body of Atik Yamin, the spiritual center which acts as the brain of the planet is called Gan Eden Elyon, the Higher Garden of Eden.
b. The spiritual center which serves as the heart of the world is called Gan Eden Tachton, the Lower Garden of Eden.

a. The whole of the center called Gan Eden Elyon is overshadowed by the presence of a Divine Being called Arich Anpin, the Greater Countenance.
b. Gan Eden Tachton is overshadowed by the Divine Being called Zeir Anpin, the Lesser Countenance.
V. The Kabbalah mentions another major pair of partzufim or “Divine Countenances” as part of the Divine Structure of Reality.
a. These Divine Beings are called Abba (Father) and Imma (Mother).
b. Abba and Imma dwell in hesed/gevurah (mercy/power) – the throat center – situated between the planes of the head and the heart.

VI. The last of the Divine Beings called the Partzufim is Nukvah, literally “female.”
a. She is the female counterpart of Zeir Anpin, the Lower Countenance.
b. Nukvah or the Shechinah, as She is more commonly known, acts as a bridge between the spiritual and the physical.
c. The Shechinah receives all of the emanations from the higher worlds and channels them into the lower worlds.

VII. Below the realm of the Partzufim, humanity plays a key role in the organization and evolution of the planet.
a. We are an extension of the immense centers of power and light called Gan Eden Elyon, Gan Eden Tachton and the Shechinah.
b. We are the go-between that relates the higher and the lower planes of living.
c. Humanity is uniquely suited for this mission as we are both part of this world and part of the Kingdom of Heaven.