1. The evolution of life is an extraordinary process.

a. From a single-celled creature we have evolved into the complex organism that is a human being – a single unified consciousness which overshadows trillions of cells.

2. Our relationship with God works in a similar fashion.

a. The Divine consciousness is the unifying principle that binds all of existence together.
b. We are all cells in the “Body” of God.

3. The whole of spiritual reality, in fact, is composed of ascending circles of ever more inclusive consciousness.

a. This spiral of consciousness reaches from the minute to the Infinite.

4. All life, from an atom to a galaxy, is manifesting consciousness on its own level and in its own fashion.

5. All of Reality is constantly evolving.

6. The Evolution of consciousness is the crucial aspect of this growth from a spiritual point of view.

7. In this Divine reality, human beings hold a unique place.

a. We have self-awareness.

b. We can attune ourselves to the Divine Mind and we can expand our field of consciousness.

8. Humankind functions on two levels at the same time.

a. On one hand, we are self-conscious individuals with a will of our own.

b. On the other hand, we are living components of the Lord of the World.