a. Beyond the smaller group souls to which our individual souls belong, there are much larger soul groupings that have been formed in the heavens.
b. From a spiritual perspective, a large group soul is created when God wants to introduce new ideas and energies into the consciousness of humanity.
c. After the birth pangs of its initial inception, the new group soul goes on to grow and spread on the physical plane.
– While this is happening, a concurrent expansion takes place in the spiritual realm.
d. A large group soul goes through a process of evolution and growth just like an individual soul.
– There are periods of great progress forward, and periods of stagnation and decline.
e. When a Soul’s evolution becomes blocked, God sends new souls into incarnation to revitalize and reinvigorate the Soul.


a. Knesset Yisrael, the Soul of Israel, was created to fulfill a Divine mission: to build a dwelling place for the Divine Presence in the World.
b. Great souls were gathered from a high plane of consciousness and given the task of anchoring this mission in our physical world.
c. The first of these great souls to incarnate was Abraham.
– Abraham is father of both the soul and the people of Israel.
d. The next step was to expand the members of the soul and augment its spiritual power until the needed nucleus of lives was formed.
– This nucleus is represented by the seventy souls who go down to Egypt.
e. The next step in the development of the Soul of Israel was the exile in Egypt.
– Through four hundred years of struggle and suffering in Egypt, the seventy souls were transformed into a great and numerous people with the spiritual power and the inner strength to take up the mission of the Soul of Israel upon earth.
f. From that time on, the Soul of Israel has continued to grow and evolve until today it is a tremendous vortex of energy and consciousness in the Kingdom of Heaven that is made up of millions of radiant souls.