I.                   DIFFERENT LEVELS OF KARMA


  1. Personal Karma

–          Many of the events that will occur to us in this life are the result of what has happened to us in our past lives. They are the karmic debt that we have to pay in order to move ahead.

2.  National Karma

–          There are broader levels of karma beyond our own personal karma which can also have a powerful effect on our lives.

–          For example, there is the karmic debt of the nation or people to which we belong.

3.  Global Karma

–          There are the karmic influences of the great civilizations throughout human history. What we might call “global karma.”

4.  Human Karma

–          Being a human being also has its own particular karma attached to it as well.

5.  Karma of the Lord of the World

Above and beyond our human karma, there is the karma of the Great Divine Being Who oversees our planet.


II.                    THE CHOICE TO INCARNATE


1.  The incarnation that we take is carefully chosen by us together with those who are our guides on higher planes.

2.  In the early stages of incarnation, the cycle of lives progresses in rapid and frequent succession, as we remain mostly unconsciousness of our higher existence.

3.  As we grow and evolve, our incarnations become less frequent, and we increasingly awaken to life on higher planes.

4.  As our capacity to contact our soul deepens, we begin to receive help and guidance from higher planes, while we are in physical incarnation.

5.  After many lives, we finally arrive at the point where we are no longer bound to the physical world by desire or imperfection. We incarnate only by choice and for the greater good.