1. I. Our Soul Family
  2. Each of us has a place that we call home in the supernal realm.  In that place, dwell the souls that are part of our neshama or group soul, our soul family.
  3. Though each member of the soul is an individual with his or her own separate identity, they all work together in a spirit of harmony and unity of purpose.
  4. Our spiritual evolution is essentially a process of merging our limited consciousness into the broader awareness of the group soul.
  5. This process of contact and gradual unification continues on until we have forged a link with the central core of our soul family, the highest aspect of our Group Soul.


  1. Our Heavenly Family and Our Earth Life
  1. Our relationship with each member of our soul family or group soul is different. Some individuals within the soul may become our intimate companions in this incarnation, while others may have no close tie with us at all. It all depends on our state of evolution and the qualities that both we and they possess.
  2. The one who is the overshadowing presence and source of our individual soul or ruach is called our Soul Father. It is toward union with our Soul Father that we aspire.
  3.  There is also the feminine aspect of our soul – our Soul Mother.  Our Soul Mother is the one who nurtures, inspires and protects us as we go from incarnation to incarnation.


Spiritual Contacts

  1. All life within the Kingdom of Heaven is bound together in a unity of consciousness called Ruach Kodesh or the Holy Spirit.
  2. When some aspect of the Holy Spirit overshadows an individual personality, this overshadowing presence is called a ruach kodesh, a spirit from the realm of holiness.
  3. Wrong thought and action can lead us in a completely different direction. Instead of reaching into the Kingdom of Heaven, we can contact beings on lower planes.
  4. The rabbis (Sotah 3A) call the overshadowing by such a being, an assault by a ruach shtut, a spirit of foolhardiness.