I.        Man has four bodies of manifestation in the physical world.

–          There is the dense physical body, the astral body, the mental body, and the etheric body.

–          Each serves a different purpose.

–          Each has a definite effect on our life and our spiritual development.

–          Each of the bodies is linked to a different plane or world.


II.      The physical body allows humanity to function on the physical plane.

–          It enables us to interact with the material reality that surrounds us.

–          From a spiritual point of view, it is the glandular, circulatory and nervous system of the body that are of importance.

–          These systems serve as the conduits for the transmission of the higher energies into the body.


III.    The astral body is a corresponding body that is made up of all our desires and emotions.

–          Each astral body has its own particular coloring, which is indicative of the individual’s emotional state.

–          This is called the astral aura.

–          The astral body is our vehicle of ascension onto higher planes.


IV.    The mind is what we refer to as our mental body.

–          The mind is the body of the intellect.

–          Our mental body determines the nature of our mental constructs, and our capacity to make contact with the higher mind of the soul.


V.                Chalukah derabanan – the Garment of the Soul

–          In Judaism, the combined emotional and mental body is called the garment of the soul (literally: the garment of the rabbis or teachers).

–          The Zohar teaches that the soul possesses both higher and lower garments.

–           The lower garments are made from the individual’s fulfillment of the commandments – his actions, and the higher garments are made from his spiritual yearning and the kavanah (intention) in his heart.


VI.      The etheric body is a body composed of spiritual centers or sephirot.

–          It is called in the Kabbalah, the Etz haChayim, the Tree of Life.

–          Our body of spiritual centers determines the quality of energy that we can take in and give out from our body.

–          It also determines our state of consciousness.


VII.    The ruach also has its own separate sheath or body that exists on the mental plane.

–          The body of the individual soul is called the tselem (image).

–          It is this body which enables the individual soul to progress from incarnation to incarnation, moving from one personality in physical form to another, as it continues on its evolutionary journey.