Weekly Seminar Summary: Session VIII

                                                  SESSION EIGHT


In this week’s session, we investigated the third aspect of mind – daat or knowledge. We also explored the relationship between the body of sephirot and our physical body.




  1. The Kabbalah speaks of one other major sephirah that is not included among either the ten sephirot or the seven center framework. This is the sephirah of daat or knowledge.

2. On the highest level, daat manifests as the knowledge which comes from direct experience. This is daat elyon, the higher knowledge.

–          This manifestation of the sephirah of daat is formed when the sephirah of hochmah unites with the sephirah of binah, and then fuses with keter.


3.      The center of daat also manifests in another quite different manner as daat tachton, the lower knowledge.

–          Daat tachton arises when the subtle concepts of wisdom and understanding become concretized in tangible knowledge that we can apply to our lives.

–          While it plays this role, daat is identified as a hidden sephirah that develops between the shoulder blades, when the energies of the head center project down into the body.


4.        When daat reaches its highest stage of development, daat elyon and daat tachton merge together to raise the individual into the spiritual realm, while simultaneously drawing the reality of the higher worlds down into his physical awareness.




  1. A properly functioning network of sephirot provides a beneficial flow of vitality and health to the whole metabolism of the body.
  2. Energy from the spiritual centers flows into the glandular and nervous systems of the body, thereby affecting the whole of the physical human being.
  3. Energy stimulation affects the organs that are in physical proximity to the major centers
  4. As the spiritual seeker evolves, his physical body also changes and evolves.


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