This is a meditation in honor of Tu B’Shvat based on this week’s teaching The Ground of Being.

Take time to visualize each step of the meditation and to immerse yourself in the experience.

Tu B’Shvat Sameach!


                                                         HOLY APPLE FIELD MEDITATION

  1. Begin by imagining yourself as a ‘tree’ in the Holy Apple Field. Imagine the Mother’s presence surrounding you and then spreading out to cover the whole of the field.
  2. Visualize the other trees in the field, feel them vibrating with the Mother’s presence. Visualize the celestial birds and other creatures that inhabit this spiritual domain. Hear their different sounds and calls as they fill the air of the field. Feel the sunlight and the warmth, the rich, nurturing soil and the cool, soothing breeze.
  3. Now turn your mind up towards the heavens. Sense the overshadowing presence of the Holy One, blessed be, He. Feel the power and majestic glory of His Presence.
  4. Now visualize the Divine dew as it falls down from the heavens upon the field. Feel the gentle caress of its drops. Feel the rejuvenating effects of this life-giving energy as it is absorbed inside you.
  5. Now let the gentle descent of dew turn into a great downpour of supernal rain. Watch as the heavenly waters pierce the ground all around you and soak deep into the soil. Feel it penetrate into the whole of your being and fill you with the Divine spirit.
  6. Now rest in the overshadowing presence of the transcendent Lord and the imminent presence of the Divine Mother.

7.  Feel the peace and tranquility that permeate this higher world. Feel the joy and the freedom. Sense its strength and its solidity:   stand tall and still and firm.

8. Now let go of all images and rest in the silence; then slowly open up your eyes.


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  • Shira Dvora says:

    I breathe in the trees and the trees breathe in me. The smell of divine blossoms are in the air <3