I.                       In the account of the creation story contained in the Book of Genesis, the Torah makes an astonishing statement:

“And God created man in His own image; in the image of God [He created him].” – Genesis 1:26

God does not have a physical image. How can we to understand this enigmatic statement?

Underlying all of creation is a web of power and light. This energy web is structured around a series of vortexes of spiritual force. These vortexes or centers form a spiritual body of manifestation for both God and a human being. It is our body of centers, our sephirot, which are created in the image of God.

 II.                  The sephirot or chakras have two major functions.

  1. First and foremost they are conduits for the passage of spiritual force.
  2. The second function of the centers is to establish the nature of our state of consciousness. Each sephirah evokes a specific state of awareness.

III.                 We introduced a seven-center Yogic/Kabbalistic framework, where the ten sephirot of the Kabbalah are associated with the seven Yogic chakras.

IV.                 Each sephirah or spiritual center is a world unto itself, with its own quality, ecology and dynamic. A center is formed in embryo at the birth of a soul, and then grows and develops over lifetimes. We investigated the nature of evolution of a center and how it interacts with the other centers, and with the world around us.

V.                  The centers or sephirot can be thought of as wheels of subtle spiritual matter that turn upon themselves in multi-dimensional motion, like the galgalim or wheels in Ezekiel’s vision of the Heavenly Chariot. They can be conceived of as lotus flowers that slowly open up in response to the influx of Divine light. They can be described as clusters of whirling light that continuously change their shape, size and pattern.

VI.             Just as no two people are alike, no two spiritual bodies are the same. The spiritual body of every living thing has its own unique signature of energy patterns which produces a beautiful “mystic snapshot” that can be seen with the inner eye.