I. There are three energy pathways that run through our spiritual body.
– The left-hand pathway is called the column of din or judgment. The right-hand is the column of hesed or mercy. The middle path is the column of rachamim or compassion. It is also called the path of the Shechinah, the Divine Presence.

– The left-hand path is one of raw, neutral energy. The right hand path brings in the positive power of Spirit.

– The left-hand path must always work in tandem with the right-hand energy. Judgment (din) needs to be tempered by mercy (hesed). Compassion and mercy are an essential part of our existence. Without these Divine qualities, the world would destroy itself through the sheer power of judgment.

II. The left-hand path brings in the psychic energy. This energy gives form to vision and inspiration. It provides the medium for supernatural experience.

– On its own, the psychic energy merely provides an open door. Therefore, it can be dangerous. We need the overshadowing protection of the Divine Kingdom to make sure that the proper door is opened, and that we contact the correct plane.

III. The third path flows up the central column in the body of centers. In Kabbalah, this middle path is called the path of the Shechinah.

– The Shechinah energy embodies the creative force of the universe. It is the most powerful force on earth.
– The raising of the Shechinah energy is a science that was taught in ancient Israel. This science was forgotten over the millennia and needs to be revived.