AWAKENING THE HIGHER KNOWLEDGE – DAAT ELYON

We began by discussing the goal of the series of webinars. I explained that the webinar has two goals:
On one level, the goal of the webinar is to create a foundation of understanding about the nature and workings of the inner life and the higher realm for the participants.
On a deeper level, it is to awaken their inner knowledge, to open the door to another reality; a new way of seeing and experiencing life.

The Kabbalah speaks of two types of knowledge:
Daat Tachton: relates to facts and figure
Daat Elyon: relates to direct experience
One of the ways in which we can attain this type of knowledge is through the study of wisdom. Through the study of spiritual wisdom, our consciousness expands and our understanding deepens. As a result, the inner reality becomes alive.
This type of study is not accomplished by intellectual learning, but by contemplation and meditation on the higher truths.
We then discussed four concepts that underlie my approach to spiritual wisdom in the webinars: First, the approach needs to have universal vision. Second, it needs to be attuned to our present-day awareness. Thirdly, it needs to incorporate an understanding of both the personal and impersonal approach to God. And lastly, the approach needs to be infused with an awareness that the ultimate Truth is beyond description.